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Dead Bichitos – DEGEM 30 / ZKM Karlsruhe

On Friday 29.10.2021 will take place at the ZKM in Karlsruhe the presentation of the CD commemorating the 30th anniversary of DEGEM (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Elektroakustische Musik). The presentation concert will be held in the “Cube” hall of the ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Media) in the city of Karlsruhe in Germany.

In this CD, as well as in the concert of its presentation, will be included my work “Dead Bichitos” (fixed media, 2 channels).


Kirsten Reese – Future Unedited

Verena Hentschel – Escalation

Florian Hartlieb – a’larme

Jorge García del Valle Méndez – Dead Bichitos

Ulf Pleines – Leverage Threshold

Javier Garavaglia – Miniaturstueck I

Elisabeth Schimana – Sternenstaub / Explosionen

Maria Pelekanou – Nach der Stille

Antje Vowinckel – Gipfeltreffen

Robin Minard – Qikiqtaaluk for Wilson

Ludger Brümmer – Le tombeau de Maurice


Dead Bichitos – SICMF 2021

My work “Dead Bichitos” for electronic (Acousmatic, 2-Channels, Fixed Media) will be premiered on October 17th at the Seoul International Music Festival SICMF 2021 which this year takes place at PLATFORM-L Contemporary Art Center in Seoul in Seoul, South Korea. The KEAMS (Korea Electro-Acoustic Music Society) organizes this festival yearly.

The composition of this work has taken place after a long in-depth introspection process. It is based on the concepts of change and future in an immersive form that visualizes our internal human processes in a subjective way.

Humanity is slowly submerging itself in the stinking broth of its own idleness. Unable to see beyond its flat horizon, it continues to believe itself to be the center of creation. However, we are nothing more than Dead Bichitos.

Our future, which we once dreamed golden, slowly disappears, obscured by the fog of our evident languor. Dead Bichitos.

The mechanization of habit is more comfortable than opposing the current that flows towards a gray future in which we will disappear like … Dead Bichitos.

Dead Bichitos represents the indolence of our ideas that are left to flow mechanically towards a repulsive future.

The work is composed, with the exception of two single samples, using synthetic material. In the processing of this material, granular synthesis plays a major role, as well as spatialization, which is not only limited to spatial movement, but also to the creation of distinct sound spaces. These spaces compose a melody of rooms.



Mara Helmuth – Opening Spaces

Erik Deerly – Amorph

남상봉 Sangbong Nam – IAIAI

Jorge García del Valle Méndez – Dead Bichitos

Kyle Shaw – Tamboo

오세린 Serin Oh – Fifuration

Nicola Fumo Frattegiani – Polvere nera

Charles S. Nichols – Time Garden: dawn replica

강중훈 Joonghoon Kang – I Want My Ears Feel Sweet

Mara Helmuth – Onsen: Hot Springs for vibraphone and stereo fixed audio

Ten Steps (십리) – SICMF 2020

My work “Ten Steps” (십리-아리랑 변주곡) for piano and electronic (2-Channels) will be premiered on October 30th at the Seoul International Music Festival SICMF 2020 in Seoul, South Korea. The KEAMS (Korea Electro-Acoustic Music Society) organizes this festival yearly.

Eun Young Son

Eun Young Son will perform my work the next October 30th, 2020 (7:30 PM) in the 3rd concert of the festival at the Jayu Theater in Seoul Arts Center (Seoul, South Korea). Eun Young graduated (KA, KE) from the Hochschule für Musik “Carl Maria von Weber” in Dresden (Germany). She has won several international awards like the American Protege (1st) or the IBLA Grand Prize (3rd). Her career has taken an international course with performances at international venues like the Carnegie Hall (New York), the Smetana Hall (Czech Republic) or the Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). She is also the author of the book  “Music Education for  Early Childhood”. Nowadays she is lecturer at the Chongshin University in Seoul (South Korea).

Ten Steps (십리) is a work inspired by the Korean song “Arirang”. The name “variation” refers more to a free interpretation of the sensations that the song inspires than to the classic concept that this word evokes. The piano is a solitary walker in an environment that, more than interacting, directs and controls him. “after ten steps…” the piano and electronics dissolve into a single element. Together, they still have a long way to go. The sound structure of this work is based on the tonal material of the song Arirang. The material for the electronic part comes from various sources: sounds extracted from traditional Korean music, piano sounds, purely synthetic sounds…

The material has been worked through various transformations and at the end compiled in a fluid sound. The panorama plays an essential role in the design of the work. The space is an element that is composed in the same degree as the sound pitch or the rhythm. No movement takes place without the perception of the space around it. Ten steps are ten spaces.

The Seoul International Computer Music Festival (SICMF) is one of the biggest electro-acoustic music festivals in Asia, and also internationally well-known. Many kinds of ongoing research activities including electro-acoustic music, new electronic instruments and multimedia-based works have been presented annually since 1994. We have invited special composers or performers for the festival such as, Meta Duo, GRAME, INA-GRM, CCRMA, Ensemble Aventure, DEGEM.



Liona Kuo – Untitled: Sigh

Shu-Huang Chen – Sonic Youth

Clovis McEvoy – Pillars of Introspection

Sungah Shin – Looping Movements

Douglas Hedwig – TranSonic Awakenings in D

Michele Cheng – Doyennes’ Diaries

Marko Ciciliani – Gunned Down (with spoiler)

Jorge García del Valle Méndez – Ten Steps (십리)

Jihyun Kim – Differences