Alle Feuer dem Feuer for electronics (4-channel) (1998)

Cronopio for electronics (2-channel) (2000)

Du, Deiner, Dich, Dir for electronics (4-channel) (2003)

풍경1 [pungkyeong 1] (임의 소식을 전해다오) for electronics (2/4-channel) (2004)

The other side for electronics (11 channels) (2008)

Insane for electronics (2-channel) (2007)

풍경2 [pungkyeong 2] for electronics (2/4-channel) (2007)

Dead Bichitos for electronics (2-channel) (2021)



Innere Dämonen (Entre cisnes y diablos) for bassoon and live-electronics (1999)

An A. B. for 16 voices and live-electronics (2001)

¿Dónde está el mar? for flute, violoncello, piano and electronics (2003)

Esbozo de un sueño for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, piano and electronics (2003)

Música – Máquina for chamber ensemble and electronics (2004)

석양종 [seok yang jong] for violin, violoncello, piano and electronics (2004)

Waterdreams for 2 trumpets, 2 trombones and electronics (2006)

Blue Water, Dark Sky for oboe and electronics (2009)

Floating Voices for oboe, clarinet, bassoon and electronics (2009)

Road, River and Rail for chamber ensemble and electronics (7.1) (2010)

黒い雨 [Kuroi ame] for recorder and electronics (2010)

Visions of the Void I for piano and electronics (2011)

no sun, no moon for bass flute and electronics (2012)

Visions of the Void II for piano and electronics (2016/17)

Paysages urbains for french horn and electronics (2017)

Ten Steps (십리) for piano and electronics (2019/20)


(If there are no specifications, the electronics are 2-channels)