no sun, no moon for bass flute and electronic (2012)


Visions of the Void for piano and electronic (2011)


Far away from anywhere for flute and piano (2011)


黒い雨 [Kuroi ame] for recorder and electronics (2010)


Road, River and Rail for chamber ensemble and electronics (7.1) (2010)


Blue Water, Dark Sky for oboe and 2-channel-tape (2009)


After Dark for clarinet, violin, viola, violoncello and piano (2008)


The other side for electronics (11 channels) (2008)


I dream you dreamed about me for chamber ensemble (2005)


풍경1 [pungkyeong 1] (임의 소식을 전해다오) for 2-channel-tape (2004)


풍경2 [pungkyeong 2] for 2-channel-tape (2007)