Dead Bichitos – NoiseFloor 2024

Dead Bichitos at NoiseFloor 2024 Festival in Lisbon.

NoiseFloor began at Staffordshire University in 2010, aiming to showcase research and original works by international electronic music composers and performers. Initially, NoiseFloor focused on exploring the dialogue between popular and experimental music.

This year, the NoiseFloor festival will collaborate with the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa and take place in Lisbon, Portugal. This prestigious university will host the event, providing the necessary facilities and systems.

I am excited to announce that my composition, “Dead Bichitos,” will be performed at this festival during the Composers Week Concert on May 28, 2024, at 20:30.

The inspiration behind “Dead Bichitos” may seem grim, but it reflects my subjective impressions of our times. Humanity is slowly immersing itself in the stagnant waters of its own complacency. Unable to see beyond its narrow horizon, it continues to believe itself the center of creation, attempting to solve problems with the same flawed ideas that created them. Futile.

We are merely “Dead Bichitos,” our once golden future fading into obscurity, shrouded by the fog of our evident lethargy. Dead Bichitos.

The ease of habitual mechanization is preferred over resisting the current that leads us toward a gray future, where we will vanish like… Dead Bichitos.

“Dead Bichitos” symbolizes the inertia of our ideas, passively drifting towards a future we dislike but are unwilling to change, for fear of losing the security it brings.

The composition, apart from two unique samples, is entirely synthesized. Granular synthesis plays a significant role in processing this material, along with spatialization techniques that create distinct soundscapes. These soundscapes form a melody of rooms, enhancing the immersive experience.

Dead Bichitos has been performed at the SICMF and DICMF in South Korea, at the ZKM in Karlsruhe and at the 23. Weimarer Frühjahrstage 2022 in Germany. At the latter it received the second prize and the audience award. The work has also been released on CD by DEGEM.



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