Dead Bichitos – 23. Weimarer Frühjahrstage 2022

Next Friday, May 27, 2022, my work “Dead Bichitos” will be performed at the acousmatic music concert that will take place at the cultural center Mon Ami in Weimar (Germany).

This is the concert of the winning works of the International Acousmatic Music Competition organized by via nova e.V. as part of this 23rd Weimarer Frühjahrstage. It is a pleasure to be one of them!

The jury consisting of Helmut Zapf, Paul Hauptmeier, Johannes K. Hildebrandt and Ralf Hoyer selected the works of the composers Youngjae Cho (South Korea), Andrés Quezada (Chile) and Jorge García del Valle Méndez (Spain) from numerous submissions received from Germany and abroad. These will be presented alongside other works in the concert.

Do not hesitate to come if you are in Weimar. It would be a pleasure to meet you there.


Youngjae Cho – Bumps on a stucco wall
Andrés Quezada – Asimetría
Jorge García del Valle Méndez – Dead Bichitos

as well as works by Paul Hauptmeier and Martin Recker, Ludger Kisters and Ralf Hoyer.

via nova e.V.  via nova e.V.