Ten Steps (십리) – DICMF 2022

“Ten Steps” (십리-아리랑 변주곡) for piano and electronic (2-Channels) will be performed again on November 12th, 2022, this time at the Daegu International Computer Music Festival in Daegu, South Korea, which will take place at the Chamber Hall of the Daegu Concert House. This festival is organized annually by the Ensemble Multimedia Art Company ARS.

Eun Young Son (Seoul, South Korea) will perform my work the next November 12th, 2022 (6:00 PM) in the 4th concert of the festival at the Chamber Hall in Daegu Concert House (Daegu, South Korea). Eun Young graduated (KA, KE) from the Hochschule für Musik “Carl Maria von Weber” in Dresden (Germany). She has won several international awards like the American Protege (1st) or the IBLA Grand Prize (3rd). Her career has taken an international course with performances at international venues like the Carnegie Hall (New York), the Smetana Hall (Czech Republic) or the Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). She is also the author of the book  “Music Education for  Early Childhood”. Nowadays she is lecturer at the Chongshin University in Seoul (South Korea).

Ten Steps (십리) is based on the Korean song “Arirang”. The name “variation” refers more to a free interpretation of the sensations inspired by the song than to the classical concept of this word. The theme of the song flows unnoticed through the work. The piano is a solitary walker in an environment that, rather than interacting, directs and controls it. “After ten steps…” the piano and electronics dissolve, consolidating into a single element. Together they will travel the long road that leads to the end of the piece.

The sound structure of this work is based on the tonal material of the song Arirang. The material for the electronic part comes from various sources: sounds extracted from traditional Korean music, piano sounds, purely synthetic sounds…

The sound material has been worked through several transformations, being finally compiled into a fluid sound piece. The panorama plays an essential role in the design of the work. Space is an element that is composed to the same extent as sound tone or rhythm. No movement occurs without the perception of the surrounding space. Ten steps are ten spaces.

The DICMF (Daegu International Computer Music Festival), in its sixth edition this year, is annually organized by the Multimedia Art Company ARS in Daegu. In these six years the festival has established itself as one of the most prestigious events dedicated to the promotion and diffusion of electroacoustic music and multimedia art, achieving international renown. The DICMF has excellent technical means and performers specialized in contemporary music and multimedia performance. Internationally renowned composers, sound artists and entities take part annually in this festival.

DICMF Poster 2022


Hyunsuk Jun – The Typewriter

Zofia Dowgiałło – Tempus imperfectum

YongGyu Gregory Kim – Aria 

Jongwoo Yim – Shade II

Jorge García del Valle Méndez – Ten Steps (십리)

Byung-moo Lee – Microgrid

Scott Wilson – Emberx