no sun, no moon – Gianni Trovalusci, Università di Roma “Tor Vergata”

Gianni TrovalusciThe next Tuesday, April 28, 2015 (18:00), the italian flutist Gianni Trovalusci, specialized in the field of contemporary music, will perform a concert at the Auditorium “E. Morricone” in the Università di Roma “Tor Vergata (Rome, Italy). He will include in the program my work “no sun, no moon” for bass flute and electronics.

This concert is part of a series called Concerti di studio di primavera, which takes place at this university as part of the Master in Sonic Arts. Giovanni Trovalusci will perform pieces from different composers that combine the flute with distinct forms of electronic: live electronic, tape and fixed media (computer).

Trovalusci has been active since the 70s in the field of contemporary music, in music theatre and avant-garde performance. He has worked with many artists in this area. His musical research has led him to discover parallel artistic areas and traces, like theatre, dance and poetry, as is evidenced by the wide range of instruments adopted: modern, classical and ethnic flutes, new specially designed instruments and live electronics.

Università di Roma

My piece “no sun, no moon” combines the bass flute with fixed media electronics. The flutist can “read” the electronic, which is notated in the score, and follow it. The result is a sort of “chamber music” where one part is alive and suitable for interpretation and micro-changes, while the other (the electronic) is fixed and can not be changed. The work plays with different virtual acoustic spaces and the relationship with the real one on the stage.

The composition and creation of the electronics has been made exclusively with recorded samples of the bass flute. In this way I create a relationship between the two parts of the work: the real one (flute performer) and the virtual one (electronic).

Do not hesitate to go to the concert if you happen to be in Rome!


Auditorium “E. Morricone”
Facoltà di Lettere – Università di Roma “Tor Vergata”
Via Columbia, 1, 00133 Roma (ITALY)


Gianni Trovalusci 2